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Reopening Plan


Reopening Plan 

John & Annie Glenn Museum


National Road & Zane Grey Museum

June 24, 2020

We plan to reopen to the public on July 8 with our open days and times being Wednesday – Saturday (10 – 4). Our first hour each day is specifically for high-risk, vulnerable populations.

We are requiring our staff, volunteers and visitors to wear masks unless they are able to be at least 6’ from others. Masks will be available for those who do not have one. Exceptions will also be made for small children, those with breathing difficulties, those with mobility limitations who would need assistance to use a mask or those with a doctor’s excuse.

We are requiring social distancing of at least 6’. The number of people allowed in the museum at one time will be limited to 30 at National Road & Zane Grey Museum where a one-day traffic pattern will be observed.  We will limit that to 3 groups (one group per floor) at the John & Annie Glenn Museum. A group is limited to those who are traveling in the same vehicle.

No one will be permitted to be in the museum if they are feeling ill. 

No one will be permitted to be in the museum if they’ve been in contact with someone suspected or confirmed to have COVID 19.

All staff and volunteers are to wash or sanitize their hands at the beginning, end and throughout their shift. Visitors should also wash and sanitize their hands before and after their tour. Handwashing is preferred but sanitation stations will be available.

Staff and volunteers will clean “high touched” surfaces often. Restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected several times throughout the day depending on visitation levels.

Drinking fountains are not to be available for use. 

Signage will be provided explaining these guidelines to visitors. When possible a staff member or volunteer will meet visitors outside to welcome them and make sure they’re not feeling ill or have been in contact with anyone suspected or confirmed to have COVID 19 and to go over the guidelines before entering the museum. Any visitor wanting to enter the museum will be expected to observe social distancing and hand cleaning.